Development of mobile application with social based rating functionality for Android

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In our rushing world it is almost impossible to do our everday routine without using any mobile device. The flow of information seems to be accelerated due to the fast spread of smart phones. Nowadays it is easier to keep in touch with other people thanks to smart phones is easier than ever. Social networks - which are the most commonly used web applications recently - make it possible to be in contact with others during 24 hours. One of the disadvantages of the accelarated lifestyle is the lack of free time that makes it difficult to be in contact with others. Consequently, it is one of the main reason of the fast spread of social networks. It explains why social networks are integrated in most of the mobil applications like in the application that will be presented in this thesis.

In my thesis I design an application, which aims to store and present offers and services of the restaurants. The application is built on the principles of social networks in order that users can interact with each other. They can score, make comments and read the opinion of others about the foods and offers. The application includes a map view where the exact place of the food can be seen. Users can create and share foods and services with the help of this application. It includes a ranking system as well that scores the users based on their activities.


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