Development of a mobile application for home monitoring of elderlys

OData support
Dr. Szabó Csaba Attila
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In the advanced countries of the 21st century, the average lifespan is growing, thanks to the lifestyle and the modern medical care. There are more and more seniors, who are able to look after themselves, and their state of health does not require continuous treatment, but a regular monitoring of the general health parameters could be needed. There stands the question: is it necessary to visit their doctor all those times? The answer is no. The necessary measurements can be done easily, even in an older age. With the tools of the modern technologies, the results can be stored and shared with our doctor or even with our relatives. The Teledoki telemedicine-system is a suitable solution. For now, the project contains a web-based user interface for data control, and a set of devices able to collect and send the required data to the server, via a personal computer. To work around the needed PC, a mobile-based application would be an improvement. This application should handle the display and the transmission of the data. The smartphones, that are widespread nowadays, reach more and more people and become a part of their lives. Taking advantage of this and the expanding capabilities of the devices, we could get an application useful for home care. In this thesis I approach the topic by utilizing the capabilities provided by the Android operating system, and present a solution for the Teledoki system’s development.


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