Online detection of mobile applications and uses cases in real network traffic

OData support
Dr. Orosz Péter
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Providing high perceptive service quality will get an emphasized consideration in 5th generation mobile communication networks. Nowadays, mobile applications have a strong focus on personal communication and occupy accentual role in our everyday life. Since these applications rely on the Internet as a global communication architecture, effective transmission services get a focus, too. The most effective method for this purpose is to make a detailed traffic profile of the application and to evaluate user experience by using application-specific key performance indicators.

Application profiling incorporate two phases: i) application-level identification, ii) use-case detection. During the detection process the primary aim was to make it possible to identify the usage of an application, in the second part of the work the aim was to accurately determine which functionality is used since each use-case may have unique communication requirements. The sequel was to assign key performance indicators for each use-case and determine specific thresholds for them. More subjective inference was needed during the ascertainment.

The analysis was followed by the planning of the system which is dedicated to detect mobile applications online in real network traffic. Because of the size of the work a student team has written this detection system with well separated parts and tasks. During my thesis I continued and extended my laboratory studies and I have designed and implemented the detection of the WordPress mobile application and its two previously identified use-cases. I have tested and verified the correct operation of the implemented system.


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