Multiplatform mobile application development

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays smartphones are gaining more and more market share, rendering themselves a huge opportunity for the application developers. However, there are multiple incompatible mobile operating systems in use, thus developing an application for every platform is not only time and fund consuming, but it also requires broad skillset from the developers.

In my paper I demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of the more popular solutions through an implementation of a client application of a multimedia advertising system for multiple platforms. I evaluate these solutions, comparing them from the perspective of both users and developers. The clients are using a RESTful Web Service in order to serve their purpose. During the implementation I made sure the clients are following the conventions of their respective platforms, in order to avoid that the result would feel alien. I also discuss my experiences that I gained implementing a simple game for different mobile platforms that uses built-in solutions for the user interface and animation. The game's architecture follows general principles, and the particular platform's guidelines.

I begin with the evaluation of the circumstances that led to the development of the modern smartphones, presenting the evolution of the mobile networks that had key roles in it. After that I review the main mobile platforms along with the most popular cross-platform solutions, I describe those most important attributes, and share general information about them. During that I review its' advantages, strengths and shortcomings as well.

Finally I assess the completed implementations, evaluating them from the point of views of both users and developers, then I make recommendations in order to improve them.


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