Developement of Hardware and Software Components of MObile robots for multi agent tasks

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The primary purpose of my thesis was to build a system of three robots that could be later used by other students as well during their studies and work.

The main expectation towards the robots was to be able to wirelessly control them with the help of Matlab software running on a central computer. A further aim was to use omnidirectional wheels instead of simple, ordinary ones.

The robots have got not only unique wheels but also special design, since they are three-wheeled vehicles the wheels of which form an angle of 120°. The hardships and challenges of the path-planning of such robots are also detailed in this paper.

In order to achieve wireless communication, radio frequency modules were used, which were connected to an Arduino breadboard.

For the successful cooperation an effective hardware configuration and the realization of low and high-level operating software components are essential.

Finally, I chose a multiagent task, and in order to test the low and high-level software components, the correctness of communication protocol and the whole system, the robots were aimed to do it without errors.


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