Navigation of mobile robots with soft computing methods

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Dr. Drexler Dániel András
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The purpose of my thesis is to investigate the application of soft computing

methods to solve the navigation problem of a mobile robot moving in an unknown

environment. In my thesis I designed a fuzzy-based controller, that is able to

guide the mobile robot from an initial position to a final. During the motion,

the robot avoids all of the obstacles that are located on the map. I used

genetic algorithms to tune the parameters of the fuzzy controller. The

simulation environment was implemented using MATLAB and Simulink.

The first chapter is a brief summary of the simulation environment, I briefly

describe each of its components. The second chapter is a theoretical overview of

the fuzzy logic. The third chapter deals with implementation details of two

crutial components: the fuzzy steering controller, and the fuzzy speed

controller. In the fourth chapter I explain how I solved the local minima

problem that I discovered while testing the controllers. In the fifth chapter,

I explain how I applied genetic algorithms to tune the fuzzy steering

controller. The thesis ends with the evaluation of the simulation results.


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