Development of a mobile robot platform using NI MyRIO

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Péter Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The goal of this project is designing a mobile robot using 3D printing technology and developing a sample application using LabVIEW developing environment which can read reflectance sensors and follow a specified black track on the ground.

Basically this project consists of hardware part and software part as well. On the hardware part, I designed a robot which is suitable for the sample application including the needed parts for the robot. I also printed and assembled the parts together.

On the software part, using LabVIEW environment, I made different algorithms that can detect black line on the ground using two analogue sensors, then using analogue signal, control the two motors to follow the line.

Through the project, I met two powerful technologies. Using 3D printing technology, I could print the designed parts that I needed and using LabVIEW, which is highly intuitive because of its visualized coding scheme, I could realize the line following robot algorithm. Both technologies might be applied on manufacturing processes and control engineering parts.


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