Performance evaluation of mobility in wireless mesh networks

OData support
Dr. Kovács Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

This thesis investigates the problem that arises in wireless mesh networks, when the mobile station change its attachment points and performing a handover. This handover does not cause traffic delay or serious communication problem in file sharing, browsing or downloading a media stream, if there is an appropriate buffer size used. However, if the user is in a VoIP call, when the mobile station performs the handover, the communication session may break. My goal with the framework in this thesis is to understand the impacts of handover on real time traffic during a VoIP call. Thus, I implement two testbeds, first one for investigating three wireless mesh algorithms, OLSR, BATMAN, Babel, and the second one for investgating a traditional infrstructure newtork with the Host Identity Protocol (HIP). As the result of this thesis I compare the self-organizing ad-hoc network with the traditional infrastructure network with regard to mobility support. The measurements observe the time necessary for the protocols to detect a new route or an IP address change in the network, and countinue the data forwarding. Based on this delay I estimate the expected outage time in real environment mesh networks.


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