Analysis of mobility models by simulation in energy-aware FMC networks

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Dr. Cinkler Tibor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

My work focuses on mobility models. The Fixed-Mobile Convergence Networks provides an opportunity to switch between fixed and wireless networks, so I analyzed this. I described different possibilities to build it, and I showed an example. The handover is essential for seamless mobility between cells and different technologies. I investigated the handover between technologies and I showed the creation possibilities. I also worked on mobility models. I described a lot of mobility models and I choosed the most practical for simulations. I made changes on these models, implemented in C++ and documented the idea of how I made. I investigated which is the suitable language for me to make scripts for simulations. After I had choosed the suitable, I started to implement. The target of these scripts is to make analysis of the simulations. The scripts are able to run the simulations with specific settings. I made a user and programmer documentation to make it easier to run the simulations. The script is able to show, collect the results of simulation in graphic. It saves the results into pictures. I created a script to present the path of the users who are moving in the area. This graphic script was useful when I made the analyzation of my mobility models and it demonstrates the correct operation of my mobility models. I investigated and compared the implemented mobility models from the point of view of energy consumption and availability. Furthermore, I showed the throughput values of the connections in the simulations. I came to the conclusion that different handover methods are useful for different mobility models when energy consumption, quality of service and availability are investigated.


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