Automatic testing for operator specific charging interfaces

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Testing is a really important step in a program’s life cycle, both at the code of the program and the file generated by the program. This is very important because without testing the programs could make incorrect output and the later it turns out it is harder and more expensive to solve.

The goal of my thesis is to test the file automatically created by an internally used project at Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN). In addition my task is to get to know the mentioned project, fix errors that occurred during usage and implement new functions.

My task is not just to improve the original program, but I have to know the other programs and its usages which are used to test the file and I have to find a solution to run these automatically from the original project. I also have to get to know the virtual software environment used for the test.

In addition I have to make a new application to generate a template file with the expected result in it. With this I can test the original result file by comparing it to the template.


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