Designing and implementing a cell phone based access control system

OData support
Dr. Toka László
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

People are identified by tickets in cinemas, previously sent identifiers are used to allow

entrance to concerts and festivals, and we get bracelets even for a simple university

event. Entry and identification is a decades-old problem that is continuously shaped by

our informational society, and is constantly changing with evolving technologies. The

aim of this thesis is to present the design and implementation of such a service. The

thesis expounds this task by its subtasks.

First of all, the current solutions and technologies on the market are presented,

especially the ones that are used by the designed system. After that the design process is

described including the provided functionalities and the architectural and database

related aspects of the system. The practical applications of the used technologies and the

chosen hardware components are described here too. The next part is about

implementation. The problems that appeared and their solutions are explained here, like

the integration of different technologies. After the implementation the testing of the

system is described. Both the methodology and the concrete results are stated. At last

further development options are discussed. The additional necessary functionalities for

market usage are described, with suggestions to user experience optimization.

This thesis describes the design, development and testing of an entry system, which –

with additional security functions – can be used in a professional environment.


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