Modell-driven remaining bus simulation

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowdays the premium category cars contain about 100 electronic control units (ECU). Among the ECUs the communication is performed via a standard automotive protocol like Flexray, CAN, LIN. A distributed system formed by the ECUs essentially needs an exhaustive test. During test the communication signals of the tested part is simulated. At the company there is a self developed communication device (Gateway) to create test sequences.

The theme of the thesis is to create an Eclipse based software tool which helps the user creating test sequences on a special language (defined for this purpose) and later executed on the Gateway. The tool should be capable of generating code (can be executed on the Gateway) and downloading to the Gateway.

The thesis starts with an introduction to help understanding the tools, technologies, standards used during the creation of the thesis.

After that a chapter can be seen about use case analysis and the definition of a domain specific language which meets the requirements and easy to use.

The following chapter discusses the ways of executing the simulation sequences created by the script language on the Gateway. The optimal choice is also can be seen there.

The next chapter shows the design and implementation of a framework (implemented on C program language) which use the low level drivers of the Gateway.

Near the end of the thesis I discuss the test sequences what I created for verifying the correct behaviour and the results also presented there.

Finally in a summary chapter the Reader can see the realized tasks and the professional experience I gained during the creation of the thesis and the long term development opportunities.


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