Model-based testing in embedded systems

OData support
Dr. Micskei Zoltán Imre
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Now days the quick design process and the understandable of the designs are really important in software development. This is the main reason, why the model driven development is getting common. In this way, more people and different teams can work together, on the same problem from different approaches.

It is one aim of the model driven development, and an other one is to make the development process faster. One way for it, is the source code generation. We can generate source codes or test codes form the models. The source code generation has already started to spread and the test code generation is an interesting way too.

My thesis is about to examine the test generation way in Robert Bosch Kft, Hungary. In my thesis I will follow a special way, the metamodeling. In this process I will metamodeling the functionality of a reference module. After it, I will instantiate this metamodel, these will be the concrete instances. I will examine how I can make a right metamodel for test generation. At the end of my thesis I would like to generate tests for clicking.

I will use the model validation processes to see the problems of the meta and the instance model in the earlier phases. Then I will check the code generation techniques. At my thesis I will use the Sparx Systems, Enterprise Architect modeling tool. This tool contains some built-in model validator and code generator but the most time these are too general. Because of it I will try to make the rules how we can make new or modified model validation and code generation techniques for own models and test generation.


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