Remote control of model cars supported by a virtual server

OData support
Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

During my Thesis work I have learned about server virtualization, container-based virtualization technology, Android and LabVIEW based software development. I will introduce these technologies briefly, and later I will show how I utilized them. After that, I will demonstrate the architecture of the model car that I built for my project. I will talk about the state diagram of the car, the plans what I’ve made before the development and my final decisions, after mentioning the possible options. I introduce the Android application written to remotely control the car. I also show the way the application communicates with the server and with the car, and how the remote car controlling method is implemented. I also present my video streaming solution. After these I represent the application made in LabVIEW for controlling the car, and controlling the motors. I briefly demonstrate the videostreaming in LabVIEW. Finally, at the end I describe the server. I present the implemented graphical interface and the communication made between the Android application and the remote car using WebSockets. Finally I discuss my experience gained during my work and conclude my Thesis.


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