Control of model airplane using mobile device

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Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the RC modeling is very popular hobby. The thesis describes the hardware design and software development related to the RC plane modeling.

The regular controlling based on radio communication and contains a remote controller and a receiver. This paper describes a new controlling method, where the controller is a mobile phone and the receiver is a self-designed hardware. This method uses the sensors of the phone, so the airplane is controlled by movements. The main task of the receiver is not only to control the wings, but to handle its sensors, and to transfer the data over WiFi. The airplane will be able to determine its orientation and its height above the ground. A GPS and a camera module can be attached to the receiver.

As a beginner the training is very important before the real flying. The described controlling method is new not only for beginners, but also could be innovation for professional users. Therefore it is possible to connect the phone’s application to the X-Plane flight simulator.

In the first part I show the advanced devices related to the modeling and I draw a conclusion. The next chapter contains the description of the airplane’s parts. In the main part of the paper I describe the components of the designed hardware and its program. Finally I show the Android application and the integration of the X-Plane flight simulator.


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