Development of communication and control of RC model car

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The development of transportation and robotics with the use of the intelligent and autonomous vehicles and mobile robots are spreading wider. Equipping the commercially available model cars with sensors and algorithms provides an excellent test environment for the driver aid automotive applications (for example automated parking).

The aim of my thesis is to equip the model car of the department of Control Engineering and Information Technology with sensors and testing the intelligent control functions.

The first step in completing my task was to get used to the modelling software, and with the robot control panel. When the design was finished I had to produce the parts with CNC technology. After the parts were ready, I was available to fit them to the model car.

The second step was to continue on an already started project. I have had to explore the already built parts, written codes and algorithms. Eventually, I have compelemented and improved them. As an augmentation, I have revived the motor-actuating and the improved the communication between the robot actuating panel and the computer. Line following and obstacle-evasion were also implemented.


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