Remote Control of Model Car using Internet Technologies

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Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays there are quite a lot low-prized single-board computers and microcontrollers on the market. These devices provide a lot of new ways in RC car controlling.

In my thesis I transform an RC car, in a way that its control is done by the help of a BeagleBoard-xM single-board computer with the use of internet technologies.

I placed a camera on the car which image can be seen in an Android application. This application also can be used to control the car with two slide bars.

I used a Freescale KL46Z microcontroller to control the steering and motor of the car. The microcontroller can receive the control data two different ways: from the BeagleBoard via USB, or from a modified remote controller via radio. The remote controller also uses a KL46Z microcontroller and it provides two options for control. In the first case the car can be controlled with the remote controller’s joysticks, in the second case with tilting the remote controller. The tilting is detected by the microcontroller’s accelerometer.


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