Development of a Java EE web application supporting model career

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This thesis is about a software application, that helps models and model agencies

to find each other, build connections and career. Due to its nature, this application is

perfectly suitable to show how to create an easily maintainable, multitenant system,

based on Java EE technologies.

The application follows the traditional client-server model. My task was to

implement the whole server-side part: a RESTful API for the mobile clients (Android,

iOS), and a JSF based web application, which makes it possible to perform

administrative tasks from a web-browser. I also wrote integration tests, that can not be

declared complete of course but they cover the whole RESTful API focusing on the

most frequently used functions.

This thesis starts with the business specifications, then describes the applied

technologies in general, after that it goes into detail about the design and the

implementation, mentioning the problems occurred during development. Basically,

some source code is included only in sections, where a short example could replace a

complicated and ambiguous explanation. The last part is about testing.


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