Developing model servo coupling card for Eurobot contest

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Varga Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The BME Department of Automation and Applied Informatics launches teams on the international Eurobot competition since 2003. The participating teams have already built several robots to complete various tasks and to keep up with the challenging environment of the competition. During these competitions, the students gained prime experinces, which allowed them to develop and transform the robots in order to fulfill current tasks. Based on the acquired knowledge the newly developed robot will get new mechanical frame, and its complete hardware architecture will be replaced for the next competition in 2015. In this thesis, after a summary of the servo motors, we present the reason why we have decided to re-plan the hardware system of the robot, and then, we introduce the controller unit of the hardware system of the robot. Then, we demonstrate the process of designing and creating the servo interface card. The thesis includes the whole work flow of creating the device, including the selection stages of the used electronic parts. It also includes the calculation methods for the parameters of the selected parts. After the selection, we go into the details of the PCB design, where we focus on the placement of the components. After these, we introduce the test software systems of this interface card with some test results. Finally, we present the similarity between the new and the old servo interface card.


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