Model2Execution - Creating a workflow system based on ARIS process modell

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis, my goal was to learn about the different business modeling methodologies and apply them to construct an executable workflow. During the steps of the implementation I evaluated the opportunities to provide a more effective cooperation between the assessment and implementation phases of the process.

I overview the main viewpoints of the EPC and BPMN methodologies and search the relevant interoperability between them. I present the possibilities ARIS Architect & Designer 9.8 through modeling and programming interfaces potentials. I demonstrate via an SAP development request process of how it can get from the assessment to the implementation phase and how it can be used in with the help of Software AG products. The implementation consist of several phases. The first phase is about planning, which includes surveying and business modelling. In the implementation phrase I develop the process steps. I describe the tools and technologies that are necessary for development and implement the configuration files and used web services. I used JavaScript and ARIS Scripting languages to create the configuration files. Using these files, with the use of ERM model, a document type can be created in webMethods. Along with that, predefined screens of a task can be created. The webservices executing the tasks are implemented using Flow and Java. Finally I present the components testing of process and the possible ways of improvement.


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