Problems and solutions of vehicle model change in automotive industry

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

We know that the needs of users are changing all the time. This fact is true for the automotive industry, too. Car models are being produced for shorter and shorter time. This is the reason why production lines should be flexible. These are highly automated and run by PLC-s. To be the most efficient and economical it is important not to stop the production for a long time, changes must be done in the shortest possible time. It is typical that when new car models are introduced production lines have to deal with more models at the same time. The manufacturing of the older model is turned down gradually.

In a special car factory there is an assembly line where type control became necessary because of type integration. In the car industry logistics and control engineering are really important because it is indispensable to make conveyors bring the necessary parts for models the exact time.

In my BSc thesis I describe the world of automotive automation. I present my solution for the control of a new equipment, which will be used because of type integration.


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