Model-driven cyber-physical cloud services

OData support
Dr. Kocsis Imre
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The Internet of Things trend expects 30 billion internet connected device by 2020. This elevated number of devices creates a huge challenge for the providers by the means of various kinds.

One of these problems is these devices support and management. The cyber-physical sys-tem creates a whole new problem set compared to the information technology systems known today. These devices need to be accessed and managed by the authority.

The problem is multi layered. One layer is the need of an ecosystem that is capable to manage the cyber-physical systems special needs. Cloud service has proven better against standard informatics so the idea is the adept this to cyber-physical systems. A design blueprint was created and a reference implementation with it.

Cloud service type bring an another challenge to the table which is the planning the se-lection from the resource pool that will be used to satisfy the request. There was a design blueprint built for this problem using tools and technologies found in the market today.

These problems are getting more and more relevant. Larger market players are joining the IoT industry recognizing the soon to be opened market.


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