Developing a model-driven traceability management framework

OData support
Dr. Hegedüs Ábel
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Modelling is one of the most important tools in the engineering approach. Its purpose is to reduce complexity, increase the understandability or help design a solution. The Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is based on this same concept. Through several well-defined abstraction and refinement steps it allows the automatic generation of application source code, documentation or configuration artifacts.

During development of safety-critical software it is mandatory to be able to trace these transformations. In most cases it is done through creating a traceability models while doing the transformations, which allows backtracking the reason of creation of specific objects. Since this is a difficult task, there was a growing demand for the creation of a framework that is capable of automating this process.

In this thesis, I specify a framework which is capable of tracing transformations and storing traceability information in a model tailored for such task. To solve this several involving questions needed to be answered. It was necessary to create a model structure, which was capable of storing traceability information of transformations between models in an easy to understand structure, while it can be easily extended to suite almost any model.


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