Web-based Moderation System for Sympa Mailing List Server

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our days it is very important for everyone to get only that information what truly useful for them. So the informations must be sorted and transported to their destination. For example you can categorize them by using mailing lists. Mailing lists are usually created for a specific reason to group similar information. Since emails that arrived to the list are sorted by the sender, he or she can corrupt this process. It can be by coincidence, but it can also be by one’s own selfish interest. So mailing lists need to be moderated by a selected group of persons, who will decide which email can published to the list and which not.

This process is supported by various methods of the mailing list management systems, one of the best supported systems is the Sympa mailing system. Although you can perform the basic moderation operations with the Sympa, there are certain circumstances where for a lot of lists there are only a few human resources, namely moderators available. This can typically occur in a university environment, where there are mailing lists for every course, and the lists have hundreds of subscribers, but the subscribers expect that they will get only useful emails that will help their study. The problem is that a moderator cannot be assigned to every list.

I’m trying to solve this situation in my thesis by creating a web application using the latest version of the ASP.NET MVC framework, the Entity Framework 4 and other recent technologies. This web application will review the content of incoming emails and using its rule-based system it will classify them making this application almost automatic. I will also find a way to integrate my solution with the Sympa mailing list management system.


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