Modern news portal with JavaScript technologies

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

These days, with the emergence of social media, the market for traditional publications is rapidly decreasing. This market change primarily affected the printed press in a negative way, but news websites are also losing readers. The main problem with this shift is that social media often works with borrowed content, which the reader consumes on its platforms rather than visiting the original publisher’s site. Thus the original publisher might not profit from the ad revenues and these income losses can lead to smaller budgets, which, in turn, can lead to poorer content resulting in even less readers and less revenues. As an outcome of this cycle, social media will have lower quality content to borrow, and effectively the quality of media publications will be deteriorating on all platforms.

In my essay, I will offer a solution to the above-described problem so that traditional news websites would be able to make up for the lost revenue by cutting other infrastructural costs instead of having to decrease the quality of their content.

My goal is to create a web system for publishing news articles on the internet, while keeping the installing and running expenses for said system as low as possible.


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