Planning and implementation of modern online store

OData support
Dr. Szűcs Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

I prepared a full structural and functional plan, created a database of a Modern Online Shop and developed a working version. The aim of the project was the system contained both basic components of an average webshop and the features met the users’ requirements in our days. It has to be included more interactive, customizable options, contact with community sites, and an easy to use well-structured administrative interface and these all resolved on ergonomic interface.

I started my work with research. In the thesis I reviewed some structure and function of active webshops and studied free available webshop scripts, so I met the admin surfaces. I found out essential factors and deficiencies of today’s portals.

Furthermore, I started the functional plan based on the discovered information. The main concern was to create a more elaborated and complex webshop with more useful features. In the thesis there are the planned surface of the portal, the description of components and in a separate section the administration part. I tried to suggest and demonstrate own ideas, as the ’Product Monitoring’ function. Finally, I detailed the online payment solutions and the community facilities.

The plan and create of the database of the Webshop was the most complex and maybe the most difficult task. In particular, the implementation of the storage of the different attributes of products was the most complicated, including the easy information obtain from the database. It was also important the right storage of categorization, that the hierarchy (main- and subcategory) and the inherited attributes can be practically linked to the categories. Finally, I created 22 pieces of MYSQL tables, that they follow the basic conditions of the database planning. The tables and their connections should be meaningful and usable, and their data should be easily and fastly queried, that the system would be stable in case of overload.

After completing the previous tasks I started the development. In the course of development the functional plan components must be work out connected with the database. In my thesis I explained the importance of the connection between the development and the database, or rather I presented the development environment and the applied technologies, there are the opensource PHP, JavaScript and jQuery. Finally, I demonstrated my prepared and tested parts.

The webshop completed for the Nexogen Ltd. and by right of its concrete conceptions, besides I planned and prepared the system that can be simply increased at any time and with small changes can be used easily elsewhere.


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