Modern recipe portal

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays it is getting more important to find some free time in our busy life to focus on our hobbies and have some rest. Although we have a lot of opportunities to order food, cooking became one of the most common hobbies, as it can be really relaxing. For sharing recipes and cooking tips between each other there are many online portals, where a set of functionalities is starting to evolve that the users like. The purpose of my thesis is to research some recipe portals that are currently available in the online market, then design my own recipe portal that combines the basic features with those I found as solutions for the shortcomings of other products during my research. In the first chapter of my thesis I am going to demonstrate why my project is relevant, then I will go into detail about my tasks. In the second chapter I am going to present some famous Hungarian and foreign recipe portals, compare them based on their features and explore the shortcomings of them. In the third chapter I am going to research technologies I need for the application, and present them. In the fourth chapter I am going to demonstrate the design phase of my application, present the use cases for every user type, and design a database and its schema that my portal will use. In the fifth chapter I am going to present the implemented screens of the application and demonstrate how they work, then I will suggest some future development possibilities. Finally, I’m going to summarize my results.


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