Design, implementation and testing of modern, responsive web applications

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my diploma my goal is to get to know the modern technologies which can be used to create a web application. An important trait of a web application is that it has to be well designed on different devices, browsers and screens. Because of that, the preservation of the responsiveness was essential.

The error-free behavior was also important and to achieve this, two different tests were created. The first one is the one type of unit test and the second one is the E2E test. The one type of unit test is used to check the application components and the E2E test performs a user perspective monitoring. The acquired knowledge and experience will be presented through two projects.

The first one is the project called "AlfaDrive", an AutSoft theme, which came from a Swedish customer. The second one called "MobileCtg”, which was ordered by a Hungarian company.

The "Alfa" was created to manage the issues related to taxi ride. A variety of vehicles and equipments can be seen through this application. This also provides the opportunity to list the drivers and their professional qualifications. Individual cars can be traced on a route map view.

The "MobileCtg" was invented to make the pregnant women everyday life easier. By this program they can perform the ultrasound examination of their baby by themselves in a home environment. To do this, a measuring device and a mobile application are available. The measurement can be sent to the doctor, who can also use a phone application to see it in a form of a graph, he can evaluate it and send back the results to the pregnant woman. In this way, the patients can be spared from the number of visits to the doctors and hospitals. Another advantage is that the future parents are informed from the results immediately after the measurement is complete.

In both projects my task was to create an administration interface to fit to the needs of the customers. In my thesis I would like to describe the experience that I gained during this work and the details of both the planning and the realization of this idea.


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