Designing and Implementing a Modern Web Application in Ruby on Rails

OData support
Kundra László János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

For my project, I’m rewriting the “Profile and Groups” application for the faculty of electrical engineering. This application is a currently operating and used as an administration system in the Schönherz Zoltán student hostel, and is being supported by Kir-Dev (the web development team of the hostel). The current application is written in JavaEE, and the current team is lacking the experience in Java required to continue its development, so we decided to rewrite it in a more modern framework.

The application consists of two parts that serve different purposes. The Profile part is a social network-like feature, where everyone in the faculty has their own profile, and provides an easy platform for finding each other’s e-mail address, phone number, and even dormitory room number. There are no connections and “friends”, everyone can view each other’s public profile.

The “Groups” is a more complex part of the application, it is the official administration platform for the Association of Electrical Engineers and IT people of Schönherz (SVIE). There are several professional and communal groups and teams in the hostel, and it keeps count of the memberships in these groups. Additionally, this is the platform to administrating the “communal points” that count towards being accepted to the hostel each semester. This point system involves functions such as posting evaluations of the members, reviewing these evaluations by the Hostel Commission, and managing all kinds of historical data.


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