Design and development of modern web application on Java Spring platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Among the technologies used to create the web application currently in use, the Spring framework stands out with its expansivity and customizability. In order to explore the potential of the Spring framework, the goal was to create a web application with complex authentication and structure. For this purpose, authentication and authority management are implemented using Spring Security, persistence using Hibernate and request processing using the Spring Rest Controller.

The user interface is made with the Angular framework, which is one of the most popular frontend technologies. It can create a responsive interface which can be made even more appealing with various component libraries.

The selected database has been the MySQL relation database, which has a community version that is perfect for small projects and accessible for everyone.

The following thesis explains the process of designing the web application and the details of the implementation. A detailed description of the task, the reasoning behind the choice of topic, the technologies used and the client and server-side implementation as well as the procedure of the testing will be described. Finally, the application will be presented with pictures and explanations.


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