Analysis of technologies used in the client-side development of modern web applications

OData support
Kundra László János
Egyesült Innovációs és Tudásközpont

With the spread of modern web development technology and browsers that support HTML5, the development of web applications became more prominent. The toolsets available to programmers have grown significantly in the past few years, so it became possible to create more complex applications that the users can access via a simple browser. As cloud storage became widely used and more and more people use smart devices, the need for applications that can be accessed on any platform is stronger than ever. These can even have benefits over native applications, as they can offer a similar look and feel on all devices, as well as lighten the workload from the client side of computing. A lot of major companies on the market started to invest in developing their own technologies and frameworks, which allows developers to create reliable applications faster.

The goal of my thesis is to collect these frameworks and libraries, and present their capabilities through a practical example. This example is the prototype of a project that is capable of storing and organizing data in the form of documents as well as simple text entries created inside the application. My emphasis is on the basic structure of the project, the different modules requiring different technologies and a look and feel consistent across different resolutions for all the pages and elements created.


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