Methods for Client Separation in Network Traffic Traces

OData support
Dr. Maliosz Markosz
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

To manage and maintain a network, it is necessary to know the traffic flowing through it. We can characterise the network with the information obtained from measuring and analising this traffic. It can be used to observe certain softwares and applications, to detect the quality of the network service or as presented in my thesis, to characterise certain users.

In my thesis I discuss network monitoring and traffic sample analysing methods and techniques that I’ve studied, and the software being used. Then I present the main characteristics of the drawn up application, among others the method of defining contiguous sessions and the typical members of packets. As the main part of the thesis, I specify the problem-solving application. I describe the development environment and the process of the development. Then I present the schema of the databases used to store the applicable data and the decision-making situations. I demonstrate the proper and intended operation of the application with running it on a sample traffic trace on a home network. I export the results of the measurements into a .csv file to describe and analise it.


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