Planning, manufacturing, and measuring of a constant current led driver circuit connected to a module based building

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Dr. Ruszinkó Miklós
Department of Electronics Technology

During the recent years, there was and still is an ever increasing demand for digital homes, all around society. Seeing the potential in this, I’ve became interested in this subject, trying to develop a cheap to manufacture, and economical to operate system. The development is currently limited to a test system, which could be presented to investors, pulling in venture capital, enabling a professional end efficient developement process, to improve the system.

This thesis is about describing a small part of this system. Nowadays the energy efficient lightning solutions using LEDs are becoming more and more widespread. In my thesis I’m describing the physical parameters of LEDs, and the design paradigms of such a lightning system. I’ve also prototyped a parameterizable constant current LED Driver solution which I integrated into the system. During the design phase the primary concerns were to be able to use a cheap manufacturing process, achieve high efficiency and to have energy efficient and safe operation, and to be relatively easy to get necessary permits.

After describing the electrical workings of the driver circuit and justification of the components choosen for it, a prototype has been made at the faculty. Testing and measuring the prototype is also part of the thesis.

After completing the electrical measurements the next part was creating the software accompanying the hardware solution. The developement of the software has been done using C language. The solution includes a simple bootloader, and a software to control the LED driver. This software can be uploaded to the hardware using the aforementioned bootloader.

Regarding future improvements, I documented a couple of minor hardware changes which further improve the stability of the circuit. These improvements also help to detect and avoid possible malfunctions contributing towards the high availability of the system.


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