Modular Android application development in Kotlin

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Due to increased user needs, the difficulty of modern software development is that less and less time frames are available to develop more and more advanced applications. Several methods have came out in recent years to make better use of development time and to maintain the source code. Android software development technologies are developing rapidly.

This dissertation introduces technologies and methods through the development of a modular Android application that provides a more manageable code base. I present easy-to-modify, reusable components that will further improve the development of a big software. First, I introduce the application, it’s architecture and various modules.

The 2017 Goole I/O announcement has been officially supporting the Kotlin programming language. I introduce Kotlin’s novelties, language capabilities for complex application development. Following the introduction of Kotlin, a modern Android architecture is outlined, utilizing the novelties of Kotlin and capable of developing a complex Android application. In software design, it is important to support multilingual string resources and to expand their potential for new platforms. It is essential to maintain unified styling and user input elements for such an application. My thesis covers this methods as well.

The second part of the document describes the practical application of the methods described above through the two modules developed by me.


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