Developing Modular Capture The Flag Computer Security Game

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Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Apart from the knowledge gained in the course of education, the professional experience highly influences the selection of applicants for a position in any area of profession. This principle increasingly prevails in the IT security area due to the emerging numbers of students entering this field of engineering education owing to its popularity and relevance. In case of IT security, the necessary experience might be gained primarily during actual work or maybe in not entirely legal ways.

The competitive games measuring and actively developing professional knowledge of participants spread on the regularly organized hacker conferences. My thesis focuses on the most realistic security game type called Capture the Flag. Its greatest advantage is it gives the potential for improvement both in discovering vulnerabilities and patching them.

The goal of my thesis is to design and create a complete infrastructure for such a competition taking reusability and extensibility into consideration throughout the process. I intend to achieve this by the highest possible level of component automation and modularization so the outcome could be used in higher education courses and security conferences alike.


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