A Modular WPF Framework for Signature Verification

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There is less time for developing the interface in case of those applications where the stress falls mainly on the function. Nowadays however the commanding appearance is indispensable in order to convince the users and sell the program. Possibly it solves its task perfectly but in many cases the customers first consider (consciously or unconsciously) the appearance and user friendliness and appraise the standard of the application in this respect. This is why it is essential to make an adequate frontend, even if it has a secondary importance in the course of the development.

The development of the signature verification system operating within the frame of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Automation and Applied Informatics is exactly of this character. In the course of development programmers concentrate on the processing of signatures and algorithms used in the course of processing. The applications relieving their work are prepared by themselves, but they do not care of their appearance and they can be used specifically for the given problem. The man hours spent for this work could be saved with a unified graphic framework covering the complete project. And what is more it could also meet the customers’ requirements.

In the course of my work I collect the emerging demands and relying upon these findings I work out an application that facilitates the development and publishing of the Signature Verification System. I build up an effective framework using brand new technologies which can be applied for testing, graphic describing of the results and perfecting of algorithms in the course of the development. The application also includes functions which can be advantageous when the project is presented to non-professional people.

The software is able to comply with the programmers’ demands for long time. It can be dynamically completed with graphic elements customized for their future new algorithms by the developers. In addition the application provides a thoroughly elaborated and designed user interface, consequently it can be used not only for development. I can state that the framework can hasten the work because there is no more need for building up personal test applications and it makes the project marketable because it provides an attractive graphic interface to access the functions.


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