Modular application development for manufacturing execution system

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The main topic of my Thesis is a modul development for the FlexNet manufacturing

execution system. FlexNet operates on thin Client principles and the design is made on the

server side.

My tasks was to develop a modul where the design is made on client side therefore

it speeds up the current operation. Another relevant point was to implement the modul in

C# in order to make the developments for FlexNet easier. The ready modul works

independently, using the corporate three layer modell.

The data base layer stores the data of the modul, creates logs and provides a

security layer as well. In this case only the persons from the data base with the adeqate

authority can make amendments. The web service was made in WCF framework. This

layer creates the business logic and the connection with the FlexNet system. The

communication works with the help of the business component.

The last layer is the client which is only responsible for the appearance. In order

to achieve this I used Windows Form. On request it evokes the appearance of FlexNet

therefore the users can easily use the new additions.


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