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Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis I describe the reasons for the emergence of modular applications and benefits. Shows how a modular approach spreads from application servers to other components of software and how new concepts and design patterns have emerged meanwhile. I discuss in detail the dependency injection and inversion of control patterns.

I present the tools and frameworks available on the Silverlight platform. By name, the Unity Application Block, and Managed Extensibility Framework containers and the Prism framework which extends the functionalities of containers.

I implemented an application using the Prism framework that takes advantage of the possibilities of modularity. The application attempts to implement a familiar function from operating systems and some web pages where interface modules (widgets, gadgets) can be placed on the surface. In addition to the services of the framework, I describe the common methods of development using the Silverlight platform. Especially the Model - View - ViewModel design pattern is described.


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