Modular network visualization framework development

OData support
Dr. Gulyás András
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Networks are all around us. Almost every life state can be modeled with them, from public transportation through social networks to astronomy. Getting to know these networks will help the development of technology thereby complex problems could be manageable in a predefined system. The possibilities are endless and with the development of information technology and the decrease in computing capacity, studying these networks is easier than ever. In the course of analyzing complex networks there seems to be a great demand to visualize these networks. Visualization is suitable for these networks / graphs to be analyzed much more efficiently, noticing the patterns and repetitions we can get results upon analyzing the network. It is also useful if the visualization is interactive and the network can be modified on demand. Upon consideration the goal of this thesis is the development and execution of an interactive graph visualization program. Modular construction is an essential part of the program, further on it could be easily expandable, capable of monitoring other tasks and problems.


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