A modular industrial application framework implemented in Microsoft Silverlight

OData support
Lois László Dr.
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The subject of the paper is building a framework for rich internet applications for industrial purposes based on Microsoft Silverlight 4.

The aim of my work was to research, design and realize a uniform architecture for CASON Engineering's new DIWICON applications which would boost developer productivity, promote a better code reuse, decrease maintenance costs and provide a distinctive look and feel. I also had to prepare the framework to operate with a cloud based back-end and hosting.

My results consist of comparing monolithic and composite approaches in structuring applications. Choosing the latter I implemented a Microsoft Managed Extensibility Framework based open-ended system with parts finding each other using declarative import and export statements. I also set up a system of contract interface based loose-coupling between these components.

The paper further discusses the questions of performance and sustainability of loose-coupling over time and the effect of a cloud environment and user experience considerations on application architecture.

DIWICON DASHBOARD, the resulting framework implementation is providing modularity beyond application boundaries, and made a new generation of web-based rich industrial applications possible, operating worldwide already.


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