Modular home automation with a BeagleBone Black central module

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Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Wireless technology is more and more common nowadays, just like various automation systems. To follow this trend, my thesis is about a modular home automation system, with wireless communication between the modules. The system consists of a central, a TV remote, and a light switch module. The heart of the central module is a BeagleBone Black, which gets the commands from the user via internet, and guides the other modules accordingly with an extension cape I designed. The light switch module switches a lightsource with a relay, and the TV remote module is a universal remote, using two standard 900 nm infraleds. The user can use the system with a PC program I wrote, which reaches the BeagleBone Black via internet. This program also saves the waveforms taught to the TV remote module.

My job was to design and solder the hardware, and then write the software for the aformentioned embedded system. The hardware design was made in Altium Designer, the software was programmed and tested in Eclipse for the module firmwares, and Visual Studio for the PC program.


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