Development of a modular server room surveillance system

OData support
Bányász Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The purpose of this thesis is to design a server room surveillance system which will be placed in the faculty's server room.

The system's task is to monitor certain parameters of the server room and alert the system administrator if necessary. The central unit is the Olimex SAM9-L9260 development board since it is available at the faculty. It should run Linux operating system and adjusted for the requirements.

After drawing up the specification, the thesis covers the aspects of the design, its elements and their co-operation. From Chapter 3 to Chapter 6 the software design is demonstrated. Chapter 3 explains why an embedded operating system is required and why Linux seemed the best choice. Chapter 4 presents the creation of the embedded Linux system and the cross-compiling using the OpenEmbedded framework. Chapter 5 introduces the Linux kernelmodule application interface and the device drivers, which are kernelmodules as well, for the hardware designed in Chapter 2. Chapter 6 is about Alarm application, which operates the device drivers and sends the alerts. The last chapter covers the current state of the project and explores the possibilities of further development in both hardware and software.


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