Modular power supply design

OData support
Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Our modern world is unconceivable without electrical power conversion devices.

The special type of these devices is particularly important in the electrical engineering practice.

Electronic bench supplies take an important part in most of the electrical measurement procedure.

Just a few of them can not only sourcing, but sinking the power at the normal operation.

Nowadays, the battery related power electronic developments are significantly emphasized.

On this development field the multi-quadrant supplies are highly recommended tool, regarding the batteries bidirectional energy conversion capabilities.

The thesis based on a project that aims to develop a modular, two quadrant power supply. This modularity supports the development speed acceleration and testability features which also has a special attention in this work.

To reach this aim, we trying to develop and use the a hardware-in-the-loop simulator.

These simulators allow the developer to test the control under safe circumstances.

The applied testing methods are also extended to the production testing.


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