Design of a modular verification system

OData support
Szántó Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The main profile of the Microchip Technology Hungary Kft. is the development of RF circuits and releated applications. This field is under continuous development. The production procedure of these circuits is very expensive, so before the procedure, we have to be sure that the device is working properly. Because of this, the testing is one of the most important process during a developement.

Now days the company tests the circuit’s verilog models with computer simulations. These procedures are very time and resource consuming in case of high complexity modules. Although there is a test system, which is capable of testing the circuits before production, but that is a really complicated system. Another disadvantage of the system is that it has a part that needs a very expensive license to work legally.

So we need to create a new, open source, test system, in which we can easily integrate the module that needs testing. Thanks to this, we can write driver program for the new circuit before it even gets to prototype phase.

The company has no free resources for this research, so i have choosen this as the article of my thesis.


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