Model based development of a modular control and data acquisition system

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The goal of this thesis project is the model based design and implementation of a modular data collection and actuator controller system. The planned system is intended as a generic base of future cyber-physical systems. This requires possible support of a wide range of sensors and actuators, as well as the configurability of the system. To satisfy special controlling and other requirements, the extensibility of the controller is crucial. The system design is heavily influenced by the support of future sensors and actuators. This was one of the main requirements that shaped the architecture of the whole system.

The chosen platform for implementing the system is OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative). This software platform is mainly used for creating developing modular and extensible applications. The OSGi platform can be used to declare Java interfaces of projects as services and exporting only selected packages for other bundles.

The model based specification and design of the system is created using the SysML language and the guidelines of the SysMod modeling process. The SysML language is an extension of the UML. SysMod is defining the process of using this language to design complex systems. The system model is used for documentation purposes as well.

The default controller of the system is based complex event processing. Most of the atomic events that make up the event stream of the CEP based controller are detected changes of a living model. This runtime model consists the actual state of every sensor and actuator that the system handles.

The highest priority of the implementation is the processing of measurement data and device events and implementing basic control functionality based on them by using the VIATRA-CEP complex event processing engine. The other priority is the data collection. For these functions device management is necessary, which can be provided by the popular REST communication technology.

By the end of the thesis project the model based specification and design of the system is finished. The implementation is done by using and integrating modern technologies I learned to use.


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