Developement of a Module-Test Helper MATLAB Program, Program Diagnostics Using Different Search Algorithms

OData support
Csorvási Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This thesis describes a MATLAB program, which makes the precondition of module-test faster and easier. During the module-test our newly developed software unit is tested with predefined combination of signals. An obvious solution for giving a signal should be the Signal Builder block of Simulink block library, to which belongs a graphical user interface too. In this GUI some of the functions are hardly executable, or they are not available at all. That is the reason, why is the development of the Signal Builder GUI necessary.

We can utilize, that the Signal Builder could be handled with MATLAB commands. For making the work with signals of Signal Builder more convenient, a MATLAB program would offer an appropriate solution. With the help of this program, also complex changes will be executable in connection with the Signal Builder of the selected signal.

The functions became with the GUI accessible from the same place. In this GUI it is possible to work with the Signal Builder blocks of the opened Simulink models. We can select already existing groups and signals, but we also have the opportunity to create new ones, which we could later modify with the available functions. We could not only create, but also delete groups or signals with the program, furthermore we could search for a keyword in them. After the selection process, where some available algorithm were tested on different aspects, the most suitable was selected.

The developed MATLAB program is a multipurpose tool that provides a wide range of different functions under one roof, which cause a significant improvement in the precondition process of the module-test.


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