Interchangeability of monitoring and working lightpaths in all-optical restoration

OData support
Dr. Babarczi Péter
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

With optical networks becoming more and more widespread the demand for methods to discover and manage any errors occurring in these network has become quite significant. Many algorithms have been created to supply this demand, of which many use monitoring trails or m-trails to solve the problem. The most recent and powerful of these are based on distributed failure localization, and there are brand new areas of m-trail related research that are trying to apply evolution algorithms to the m-trail problem.

In my paper I explain and examine these modern method and I write about the basics and the models of m-trails. I examine the possibility of turning m-trails into working lightpaths and vice versa, I discover the problems and important parameters that are required for this. I offer possible solutions for both centralised and distributed algorithms.

I dissect the simulators used to compare the various methods, and their input parameters. I carry out simulations that help to better understand the problems faced when exchanging m-trails and working lightpaths.


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