Design and Impementation of a Monitoring System for Content Centric Networks

OData support
Németh Felicián Bálint
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

New requirements in computer networks resulted in gradually introducing new, additional features to IP-based networks, which, in many cases, proved to be difficult while relying on the original concepts formulated back in the 60s. Breaking traditions and starting from an entirely new basis, Content Centric Networking – CCN – tries to solve these problems by breaking with IP-based networks, thereby offering a simpler and easier to use alternative to IP-networks. One of the CCN implementation is Named Data Network (NDN), which is still under continuous development. One of the consequences of complete redesign is that CCN requires new monitoring tools because old applications are incompatible with it. The purpose of this thesis is to implement such a network monitoring system suitable for monitoring devices of a CCN network and for monitoring data transmission. The first part of thesis presents an overview of Content Centric Networking and summarized the options available for monitoring of NDN-based networks. The next section deals with the design aspects, the components of the implemented system – including the module responsible for data extraction –, and the implemented functions. The functions include (1) Data Flow Analysis relating to prefixes used in the network and (2) monitoring data transmission based on serial numbers in data segments. The application is also suitable for near real-time monitoring and history analysis. Finally, through testing in a virtual NDN network, the thesis demonstrates the features of the implemented monitoring system in operation.


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