Development of Motion Capture System for Measuring Competitive Sport Situations

OData support
Kertész Zsolt László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

During long term peak performance sportsmen experience a fatigue level so great, that they can't control their movement pattern without discipline and proper preparation. We're speaking about the final seconds of a sport competition, but a lot depends on a perfect finish. These few seconds are just as important as the longer parts of the race.

Motion in the finish is hardly observable compared to longer stages of the race, due to it's duration. We can't ask the athlete to perform at his best for a long time just because we forgot something to observe.

With Motion Capture technology we can record a movement pattern and examine it from arbitrary angles and speed.

In my thesis I'm going to demonstrate a self-developed motion capture program based on motion data from a certain sport. I'm going to dedicate attention to the most important parts of the body required by the sport I chose with installed markers. I'm going to assign three stages of the measurement of the following: start, mid-race and finish. The athlete of the measurement has to complete the test at his best. I'm going to have the average trajectory of the measured body parts of the mid and the finish stage. By comparing them I will expose the difference between the two stages and point out the flawed parts of the movement.

During my work I will do a bibliography research, I will declare the typical flaws of the movement which we can encounter during the measurement. I will write a C++ program which can collect and visualize the measured data of a ZEBRIS CMS-HS machine.


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