Motor test bench

OData support
Dr. Erdélyi István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This thesis is about the realisation of an Automated Tester Motor Testbench that is intended to be a push-button solution to make difference between BLDC motors coming from the vendor and ratify whether they shall come up to future requirements or not. The first part of the document describes how could such a problem be modelled, gives alternatives for implementation. The second part is about the process of development with some tricks and mistakes while the third one makes the thesis complete by telling what more could have been done.

By such a device it is be possible to reduce repair expenses, and what is more important, drop-out from manufacturing. Moreover, this implementation provides an alternative for cost effective torque measurement for electric motors below one kilowatt for other applications too. Hopefully it turns out from this paper too that for me the main purpose of university education was to draw attention to the fact that everything in the World can be seen more generally while also it is possible to get more and more into the details of the details.


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